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Pilates is not a mat class! Out of the 500+ moves that Joe Pilates created, less than 5% are on the mat.
At Shape Shifters we teach a complete pilates program with all of Joe Pilates' equipment.

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Who can benefit from Shape Shifters Pilates?

Shape Shifters Pilates is for Athletes

Pilates is recognized by top athletes in every sport. Tiger Woods, Rich Beem, Curt Schilling, Rubin Brown, Jason Kidd, and Rocco Mediate praise the benefits of Pilates in USA Today. Pro basketball players reported that Pilates ranked very high on scale of demanding exercises, after having been trained by the most elite physical conditioning experts in the field.

Golf pros love Pilates because it helps them be more aware of the intricacies of the golf swing not only for themselves, but also for those they are coaching. Shape Shifters staff trains many Cardinals baseball players from Springfield and St. Louis. We also train Fran Tuck, the Missouri state record holder for the half marathon for several years. She is 86 yrs young! Soccer players, basketball and even wrestlers have worked with us to enhance their sports performance.

Shape Shifters Pilates is for Dancers and Entertainers

In Branson, our Shape Shifters studio provides training to some of the founding families of entertainment on the strip. Dancers, vocalists, and choreographers have all used our programs to remain injury free and to perform at optimal levels.

Anne Presley, choreographer for the Rocketts, fell in love with our Pilates programs and went on to become an instructor in New York’s Hamptons. She told us that the quality of instruction in our studio was above any she had experienced after years of Pilates in several cities throughout America. It was many years ago when we met Ann and we still focus on precision instruction at Shape Shifters.

Shape Shifters Pilates is for New Moms

New moms who train at Shape Shifters delivered 5 babies, including one set of twins! New mom's come in to regain their pre-pregnancy figure quickly, because they know Pilates works. We also offer nutrition workshops with some the region’s top nutrition experts! We also offer nutrition info through our email newsletters to help all of our clients stay in touch with food plans that create health.

Shape Shifters Pilates is for Couples and Families

It is not uncommon at Shape Shifters for husbands and wives to view Pilates as a way to stay healthy, lean, and energized. The best news is that due to the incredible core conditioning and improved blood flow, research shows that Pilates enhances sexual health.

Families also tell us that they find Pilates a great way to connect the mind and body thereby reducing stress. Several mom's and daughters come to Pilates. Concerned mothers bring their young budding athletes to Pilates to keep injuries down and teach them correct alignment for the rest of their athletic career.

Shape Shifters Pilates is for Seniors

Shape Shifters Pilates has always had this motto:


Shape Shifters Pilates is for You!

We don't waste your time

We appeal to the busiest, most health-conscious people in the world! You'll receive the same physical conditioning in 2 hours that would take 3 to 4 in the gym.

Classes are small groups (averaging 3-6 people) of personally trained clients.

Note: A Private Session of Pilates can be Scheduled Only by Phone
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