Corrective Pilates for Dancers

Dancers of all ages from across the United States avoid future problems and threats to their dancing careers through Shape Shifters Pilates.

Young dancers can enter into early intervention whenever knee, hip, and back issues show up.  Instead of assuming that it is simply overuse, the young dancer can go through an assessment remote or in person to evaluate imbalances and bring the core back online.

Youth dancers’ issues are easily solved in as little as 10 to 20 sessions, through Shape Shifters Dancer based Pilates.

These youth dance developmental rehab sessions include, Healthy Turnout,  Superior Rib Cage Positioning,  Shoulder Blade Functional Glide, Hip Extension and Hip Flexor Balance.

Remote access available through Zoom sessions.   Onsite sessions at Springfield and Branson studios.

dr_aprilDr. April Frerking Radatz of AcuMedDoc has been a professional entertainer for 24 years working with Ed McMahon, Six Flags, Silver Dollar City, Hamner Barger Variety, Justin Flom, and many more great productions over the years; Legends in Concert being most recent.

Currently she choreographs and produces shows nationally and internationally with magician husband Aaron Radatz.  She is dubbed the “Dancing Doctor” and continues to pursue both passions.  April credits Shelley Hampton of Shape Shifters Pilates as crucial to keeping her strength, flexibility, and rehabbing dance related injuries.

“Pilates with Shelley is definitely a big reason I can continue to put miles on my body after many years of forcing it to go the extra mile with strenuous physical activity, I appreciate her and her work immensely,”  April says.