“I started doing Pilates long before it was popular, and I owe my body as much to 36 years of Pilates three times a week as to disciplined eating. My trainer, Diane Severino, says that my muscles simply have no idea that I’ve grown older, since they’ve been subjected to the same extremely rigorous advanced workout for decades.”

~ Judith Krantz

“From Branson to Broadway, entertainers recognize Pilates as one o the finest physical conditioning programs known. I was pleased to find Shape Shifters Pilates in Branson.”

~ Reed Prescott, Branson Entertainer

“I lost 15 pounds and increased my flexibility in four weeks with Pilates.”

~ Curt Shilling, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher

“At any age, in any health condition.. my promise is you’ll live in a new body!” ~ Shelley Hampton

“Pilates has made me quicker, more explosive.”

~ Jason Kidd

“Pilates and ballroom dancing require the same very erect posture. You need shoulders down with lengthened legs, arms, and neck. Even though I consider myself the world’s worst golfer, my coach tells me I should think of Pilates positioning when I golf as well.”

~ Donna Powers