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Shelley HamptonChristyCarla

ShelleyShelly Hampton is a Native Missourian with family roots in the rich farm lands above the Missouri river.  She has two children, three grand children.

Fitness career includes:
BA Physical Therapy and Health and Recreation

Personal Trainer, Water Fitness Instructor, Life Coach,  Aerobic Instructor, Post Rehab and Conditioning Specialist,  Pilates Instructor.



Director of Group programs for 17,000 member fitness center in Springfield, M
Director of United States Aerobic and Conditioning Association
Owner of Pure Energy
Corporate Fitness, Wellness and Back Safety
Aerobic trainer for Southwest Missouri State Football
Evangel Basketball and Volleyball
State of Missouri Nutrition Coordinator Of North American Natural Body Builder’s Association
Owner of:
Shape Shifters Pilates Studios | Springfield and Branson.

Clients Include:
Aerialists, musicians, choreographers from New York to LA and Branson, Children with scoliosis, Springfield Cardinals, pro-golfers, Grandma’s and Grandpa’s, business owners and medical professionals.

Specialties include:
Weight loss, corrective exercise for scoliosis, lower back and joint function and physical conditioning for life and sports performance.

ChristyAt the age of 14, Christy was informed by a specialist that she had scoliosis curvature on the top and bottom of her spine and that it was recommended to wear a full back brace. Growing up in a very alternative home (her mother has had her own Massage therapy and Acupuncture and herb clinic in Dallas, TX for over 30 years), Christy’s mother decided to go a different direction with her healthcare. Her mother worked with a physical therapist who suggested Pilates as a way of therapy for a her core strength, flexibility, and stability; as well as, increasing her range of motion in the joints. She immediately fell in love with Pilates as a way of living and began her courses in training at the age of 19 through Balanced Body.

Christy absolutely loves working with her students in a fun, fast paced environment, that is constantly ever changing. She believes in providing a level of integrated fitness that is hard to find anywhere else. Christy also feels that Pilates is a great foundation for any type of movement for athletes, children, moms, and mature students as well.

As a mother of two, Christy has a particular interest in children’s fitness and health. She has studied and taught early childhood development and has provided an excellent example by encouraging in her own children an enjoyment and, hopefully, lifelong love of physical activity. Her studies have included coursework in Early Childhood Development; Infant and Child CPR and First Aid; Curriculum in Early Childhood; Health, Safety and Wellness as well as Child Psychology. She has great interest in the physical and emotional well-being of children.

Carla Pellman Williams found her way to pilates in 2006 after searching for a way to keep her joints and spine healthy while cross-training for her career as a professional dancer and dance instructor. In 2008, she completed the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio Education and has been teaching pilates ever since. Carla is one of the founders of the Springfield Dance Alliance and has taught dance and pilates for Missouri State University’s Theater and Dance Department as well as Springfield Ballet. Currently, she is in the process of earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Missouri State University and will finish that program of study in 2016. Besides pilates, Carla likes to fill the small amount of spare time that she has by practicing yoga, kayaking in the Ozarks’ many streams and rivers with her husband, Bryan, and Boston Terrier, Macy, and is avid brunch enthusiast.

Carla believes that anyone can benefit from pilates. She designs each class to meet the specific needs of her clients and loves to help people meet their fitness goals, whatever they may be. Her teaching style incorporates functional fitness with fun so that her clients get the most out of each hour they spend with her in the studio and enjoy themselves at the same time.

“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things” – Joseph Pilates